• 04.06.15

    Launched the Musiciti Radio Station. Affiliated with LBS Entertainment Radio Network in support of artist exposure and radio airplay services. Please take the time to review radio airplay packages for XM Satellite, Internet, and FM Terrestial Radio Stations.

  • 10.01.14

    Released the 1st volume of the album titled “Popping Off” by the new and upcoming artist B-WELL.

  • 08.05.14

    Published the national press release of the upcoming album “Popping Off” along with arrangement of radio advertisement and commercial.

  • 02.22.14

    Hosted and presented the 1st Annual Artist Exposure Party at L & J Lounge in Havana, Florida. Highlighting the show was performances by Trapp Banks, Travy Trav, Loy@lty, and B-WELL.

  • 12.25.13

    Live Performance at Club Cheeks in connection to Christmas Party Celebration

  • 10.19.13

    Live Performance at FAMU Homecoming Event hosted by FAMU Boosters. B-WELL performed “Venom” ; a submitted theme song

  • 09.01.13

    OneWest Magazine appearance and interview. Special appearances and interview included Sugar Shane Mosley, Bone – n – Harmony, Omar Goodings, and more.

  • 08.08.13

    Performances by B-WELL at the Indie Entertainment Summit in Hollywood, California and Universal Studios of California and other surrounding venues. Other activity included motion picture soundtrack considerations.